About Priory

Saint Louis Priory School is a catholic secondary school for young men founded in 1956

Priory offers an outstanding preparatory experience guided by deeply rooted Catholic, Benedictine values that cultivate faith-centered, virtuous, educated young men. 

Our unique Benedictine approach to education is designed to develop young men in mind, body and spirit through a rigorous balance of disciplines that challenge the whole person while cultivating a lifelong sense of community. 

Our Mission

The Mission of Saint Louis Priory School is to provide a Benedictine, Catholic, college preparatory education of the highest excellence so as to help talented and motivated young men develop their full potential as children of God.

Distinguishing Characteristics of a Benedictine Education

Approximately 20 Benedictine monks of Saint Louis Abbey continue the Order’s centuries-old, global tradition of providing a liberal arts education.

The students who enter Priory graduate six years later ready for advanced study and grounded in the Benedictine principles of love of knowledge and an appreciation for the exchange of ideas.

These young men enter the world developed in mind, body and spirit and make a difference through their daily search for God, dignity of work, respect for others, stewardship, peace and moderation.

Though the school accepts a percentage of its students from other faiths (about 15 percent of our students are non-Catholic), it seeks to impart a thorough grounding in the knowledge and practice of the Roman Catholic faith.

Priory places special emphasis on prayer, service to others and the moral development of its students.

The school's curriculum is reflective of the Christian humanism which is the mark of the English Benedictine tradition. It incorporates the best educational practices of our heritage with those of the modern era. We aim to prepare our boys to become wise and intellectually astute, as well as to assume positions of leadership.

More Detail

  • The Benedictine focus on the discussion of knowledge and the exchange of ideas where regular participation in discussions is expected. 
  • The Benedictine commitment to community displayed most visibly through our Tutoria program, a mentoring program, in which high school students lead the junior school students in an exploration of the Scriptures through prayer, discussion and shared activities. 
  • An ability to synthesize, analyze and critique honed through six years of classical liberal arts course work and a capstone Senior Thesis, an independent project under the direction of a faculty mentor. Most students write an in-depth argumentative paper. Students with a demonstrated ability may elect to do a creative work.
  • An appreciation of and respect for all is partially emphasized through study of both a classical and modern language. Four years of Latin language and culture are required as well as five years of modern language. Most languages offered extend beyond the required and allow students to pursue advanced honors or AP level work. Additionally, Priory School welcomes various students from Chile, France, Ireland, The Republic of China (Taiwan) and The People’s Republic of China as part of a cultural exchange.
  • The Priory athletic requirement reflects the Benedictine mission to educate the total student, mind, body and spirit.
  • All juniors and seniors donate at least forty hours of their time to serving the poor and disadvantaged. Many students complete more than 100 hours of service, thus earning the  U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award. 

12 Hallmarks of a Benedictine School

  1. Love of God and Neighbor 
    This concept animates the entire program of the school and directs every encounter between students and faculty, and the wider community.
  2. Prayer and Worship
    Prayer is present in a powerful way. It is increasingly important in our day, where so many external forces are constantly clamoring for our attention.
  3. Listening 
    In a Benedictine school, listening “with the ear of the heart” is to be practiced by everyone. In all circumstances we listen with respect to the voice of the other.
  4. Discipline 
    Self-discipline is essential for the cultivation of ‘excellence’, whether academic, athletic, artistic, moral or spiritual.
  5. Moral and Spiritual Development
    The fostering of the moral and spiritual life goes hand-in-hand with the academic program as an essential part of the school’s mission.
  6. Community and Stability 
    Stability in Benedictine schools is that sense each individual has of being accepted and valued for who one is in the community. “Here we belong.” 
  7. Hospitality
    The practice of hospitality reflects the key concept of encountering Christ in the stranger and the guest. All visitors to our school experience the attention and concern that we would want shown to ourselves. 
  8. Stewardship 
    A Benedictine school seeks to impart to all its members a sense of obligation to good stewardship, both at school and in their own personal lives.
  9. Humility 
    The virtue of humility is cultivated in the community by fostering the life-long habit of self-reflection. In a Benedictine school, God must be at the center of all we do.
  10. Obedience 
    Everyone in a Benedictine school should experience the great gift of being listened to attentively and treated with the utmost respect. 
  11. Work
    Work is central to the mission of a Benedictine school, for its whole purpose is devoted to the ‘work’ of education and the formation of young people in the faith. 
  12. Conversion
    The name we might give to the enduring set of values which our graduates take with them when they leave, and which mark their identity long after graduation. It is conversion which links us to other Benedictine schools around the country and throughout the world.

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Why All Boys?

An all-boys environment increases camaraderie and fosters the development of lifelong friendships. Students will learn alongside other young men forming a brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

Memberships and Affiliations:

The School works cooperatively with the Archdiocese of Saint Louis to help strengthen Catholic education in the area.

Saint Louis Priory School is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), a member of the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA). ISACS has voluntarily submitted to a rigorous and impartial review of its accreditation program and demonstrated its adherence to the Council’s Criteria for Effective Independent School Accreditation Practices. ISACS is commended by ICAISA for the quality of the Association’s accreditation program for its member schools. 


A group of Saint Louis Catholics asked the Benedictine Abbey of Ampleforth in Yorkshire, England to form an all-boys, college preparatory school that would be competitive enough to send students to the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S.

The group had already acquired parcels of land in then-rural Creve Coeur, Missouri, and raised funds to build and finance the school.

Today the Benedictine monks of Saint Louis Abbey continue the Order's centuries-old tradition of providing a liberal arts education.

Students who enter Priory in the 7th grade graduate six years later prepared for advance study and grounded in the Benedictine principles.

More than 60 years after the school's founding, its purpose remains consistent with the vision of its founders. It has become one of the strongest college preparatory programs in the St. Louis area.