Our Mission and Benedictine Values

For a young man, education should inspire a lifetime of excellence. But not just any education. One that encourages a balance of disciplines that challenge the whole person—from a strong academic expectation to deeply rooted values that are supported by a lifelong community.

At Priory, our students enroll into more than rigorous coursework. They join a brotherhood of young men, alongside whom they will learn and mature over their six-year education. They join a community of students, highly qualified faculty and Benedictine monks who live and work directly on campus.

It’s in this rich and diverse environment that we are able to offer our unique approach to education: integrating the tradition of Catholic Benedictine values and approach with a classic liberal arts curriculum for a wholly formative and individual experience.

Class sizes are kept small to ensure each student receives focused attention, whether they’re immersed in classics like Latin and Greek, or they’re engaged in Advanced Placement (AP) coursework. Throughout our beautiful campus, a range of facilities are available to students to encourage additional development, from worship to scientific exploration as well as recreation and athletics. In fact, as part of an holistic approach to development, we require that all students select from and participate in one of our many athletic opportunities.

For a young man, his journey of growth and education is continuous. At Priory we offer an outstanding preparatory experience guided by Catholic Benedictine values to help him lay the foundation for becoming a faith-centered, virtuous, educated young man—supported by a lifelong community which will endure long beyond his educational career.


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Priory —

The Mission of Saint Louis Priory School is to provide a Catholic, Benedictine, college preparatory education of the highest excellence so as to help talented and motivated young men develop their full potential as children of God.