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Father Cuthbert Elliott, O.S.B.
Father Cuthbert Elliott, O.S.B., '02
Headmaster since 2018

A graduate of the class of 2002, Father Cuthbert has been part of the Priory community for more than 24 years and a monk of Saint Louis Abbey for more than 14 years. A life-long learner, voracious reader, and Catholic convert, Father Cuthbert believes in the power of prayer and liberal arts education to deepen the human soul and forge virtuous character. Having been blessed with the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom and to work extensively with the monasteries of the English Benedictine Congregation, Father Cuthbert brings an international perspective to his teaching and preaching. 

During his tenure at Priory, Father Cuthbert has served as an instructor in Classics and Theology, chaired the Theology Department and Chaplaincy Team, and co-directed the school’s successful Mock Trial Program. He has also served the monastic community in various capacities from Kitchen Master to Formation Director.

As Headmaster, Father Cuthbert seeks to nurture and promote Catholic Benedictine education at Priory and beyond through local, national, and international partnerships. He serves on the Leadership Council of Aim High St. Louis, the Steering Committee of the Portsmouth Institute, and the Continuing Formation Commission of the English Benedictine Congregation. He also belongs to the CUNACO Group and serves as an ambassador of the Douai Foundation. 

When not praying or working, Father Cuthbert can usually be found reading non-fiction, cooking for his brothers, or sharing a pot of tea.


BA, Classics and Theatre, College of the Holy Cross, 2006
BA, Theology, Oxford University, 2014
STB, Sacred Theology, The Angelicum, 2015
MA, Oxford University, 2017


Phone: 314.434.3690 x364


Mr. Tim Malecek

Mr. Tim Malecek

Assistant Head of School for Intellectual Formation
Mr. Mike Nickolai

Mr. Mike Nickolai

Associate Headmaster, English Teacher, Form Master, Chaplaincy
Areas Overseen: Advisory and Form Masters, Athletics, Chaplaincy, Clubs and Activities, Discipline
Mrs. Lise Riet-Lague

Mrs. Lise Riet-Lague

Assistant Head of School for Mission Advancement
Areas Overseen: Admissions/Enrollment Management, Advancement, Alumni Relations, Communications and Marketing
Mr. Scott Welz

Mr. Scott Welz

Assistant Head of School for Finance and Facilities

Academic Department Heads

Dr. Doug Erwin

Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair, Theatre Director

Mr. Nick Kheriaty

Science Department Chair, Form Master

Father Dominic Lenk, O.S.B.

Prior, Theology Department Chair

Mrs. Stacey Neal

Mathematics and Technology Department Chair, Father Paul Kidner Chair of Mathematics

Mr. Tyler Orf

Humanities Department Chair, Coach

Mr. Dennis Toscano

Modern and Classical Languages Department Chair, Fair Family Chair of Classics

Administrative Directors

Mrs. Laura Amadio

Director of Human Resources

Mrs. Cathy Arroyo

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Mr. Phil Brotherton

Director of Athletics, Coach

Mrs. Natalie Covey

Director of Advancement

Mr. Martin Fitzgerald

Director of Facilities

Mr. Jon-Pierre Mitchom

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Theology Teacher, Form Master, Chaplaincy Team, Coach

Dr. Kellen Plaxco

Director of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Theology Teacher

Mr. Gabe Santa Cruz

Director of Technology, Computer Science Teacher