Priory believes that language, in written and spoken forms, matters greatly. Through a six-year program of reading, writing and discussion, Priory’s English classes engender in our students an appreciation of and facility with language and refine their ability to read, to observe, to think, to express their thoughts accurately and forcefully, to listen, and to wonder.

In a subtle way, the student’s participation in every aspect of the English program – the careful study of literature, the diligent attempt to articulate thoughts in writing, and, perhaps especially, the willingness to engage openly and honestly in discussion – cultivates each student’s emotional and moral growth by helping him develop the virtues of honesty, integrity, self-discipline, humility, faithfulness and compassion. Respectful class discussion provides for the student a place where he learns to value his own uniqueness, as well as the uniqueness of others, and acquires the skills, attitude and courage necessary to participate positively in the larger communities in which he will work and live.