Summer Reading

May 2021

Dear Students and Parents: 

To encourage the habit of reading in our students, we will continue required summer reading. Each student is required to read a minimum of three or four books this summer— the two or three required books assigned for his class (listed below) and one other of his choice. Beyond these requirements, students are urged to read as many books as possible.

Students should return to school in August prepared to discuss the assigned books with a group of peers and a faculty member. Each student will also be required to submit to his English teacher a list of the books he read, and parents are asked to sign the list as verification of their son’s reading. Students should place more emphasis on quality than on quantity and should read a wide variety  of literature. They will receive extra credit in English class for reading books beyond this  minimum. 

It remains our conviction that reading represents the richest path to a full education and that the educated man continues to read throughout his life. Our hope is that reading becomes a common practice in your home and that you discuss works of literature together. In addition, the reading skills and vocabulary measured by national tests develop most naturally and easily in the person  who reads habitually. Summer with its free time provides an opportunity for families to read and  to enjoy books. I hope this will be the case in your home. 


Tyler W. Orf
Humanities Department Chair

Summer Reading Assignments