College Counseling

Our college counselors have more than 20 years of experience working with students and families on the college application and decision-making process.

In 9th grade, Priory’s college  counselors offer group presentations  to students and parents, and in 10th grade they begin working with students in a small classroom setting to guide them as they approach the college process.

By junior year, our college counselors have met with each student and parent at least once to discuss the student’s college plans.

Each year more than 100 colleges and universities visit Priory to speak with our students, and we organize regular programming designed to encourage students to think about majors and careers.The Priory College Counseling office provides the highest level of support to families during this important time. Expert advocacy combined with our amazing students yields outstanding results.

College Counseling Services

Services provided by Priory’s College Counseling office include:

  1. Group and individual meetings throughout a student's years at Priory.
  2. A web-based college counseling program that supports families and the college counselors throughout the choice process, including career and majors exploration tools, college and university information, scholarship and financial aid information, and application processing.
  3. Numerous college admission representatives visit Priory each year at the request of the college counselors to meet with our students and assist in the college choice process.
  4. Advocacy for a student's college applications throughout each step of the application process. This includes reviewing all portions of the admission application, writing letters of recommendation, making calls to admission counselors and other assistance as needed.
  5. Support for students interested in special aspects of the college choice process like athletic recruitment, learning disability programs, and scholarships and financial aid.


Mrs. Beth Collier

Director of College Counseling

Mrs. Stasia Frentzel

Registrar, College Counseling Assistant

Mrs. Nikki Hostnik

Associate Director of College Counseling

Our Graduates Are Ready


The Class of 2019 had 8 National Merit Semifinalists, 12% of the class.


67 members of the Class of 2019 were accepted to 108 different institutions and are attending 44 different colleges and universities.


27% of the Class of 2019 are attending a Tier 1* most selective institution.
*Tier 1 as defined by the Barron’s
“2015 Profile of American Colleges”

College Bound

Priory graduates attend great colleges and universities like these.

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