Change is in the Air. . .Again!

This academic year has presented seismic change in the world of college admissions.  From the movement to test optional (big hint: EVERY school worth its salt no longer requires standardized tests, at least not at the moment) to the advent of online learning, college admission has never been more tumultuous!  What is a prospective college student (and parent of) to do?

Well, buckle up.  The changes continue.  Just last week, changes were announced to the aid formula for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the gateway document to need-based financial assistance, beginning with students who attend colleges in the fall of 2023.  Don't qualify for aid?  While yes, that may be true for some families, many families rely upon the assistance provided by colleges & universities and state and federal governments to subsidize their student's education.  The changes to the FAFSA will likely reduce the amount of aid a family will receive who has more than one child in college at a time, particularly middle and upper income families.  

For more information about this change, check out this link from the New York Times. And if you have questions about paying for college, just know that Mrs. Hostnik and I are but a phone call or click away!