Senior Thesis

Since the school's earliest days, Priory has required seniors to produce a significant independent project. The Senior Thesis or Exhibition is a substantial research or creative project that requires consistent effort over the course of two terms. This kind of independent capstone project, working one-on-one with a faculty advisor, is a truly unique opportunity for a high school student. Priory seniors pursue academic and artistic interests while they hone their research, writing, and creative skills. Part of the challenge and benefit of this process is learing to manage a long-term project.

Here is a sample of recent award-winning thesis projects:

  • Contrasts: Original Piano Composition and Performance
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Support
  • An Analysis of Japan's Surrender in World War II
  • "La Temporada de los Milagros: Un Documental" (documentary in Spanish)
  • anodic Effects on Angular Distribution of Sputtered Copper Atoms in DC Magnetron Sputtering
  • Custom-scanned, 3D Printed, Mechanically Actuated Prosthetic
  • Propagandic Nature of Book V of Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico
  • Shattering Masculinity (stained glass)
  • The Limitations of Free Will Theodicy When Applied to the Problem of eternal Damnation
  • The Spirituality and Improvisation of John Coltrane through the Lens of Nietzsche
  • A Rendering of American Political Ideology into Latin (translation)
  • The Synoptic Problem: A New Perspective on an Old Debate
  • Barnum: Set Design
  • Examination of China's Current Foreign Investment Practices and Claims of Neocolonialism
  • The Shortcomings of Automation in the Medical Field
  • TidBit - An Original Start-Up Company
  • Yellowstone: Photography Portfolio 


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Senior Thesis Project of Robbie Frei ‘18

Robbie Frei built a prosthetic arm for his father injured during Iraq tour.