Senior Thesis

One of the things that sets Priory apart is our unique Senior Thesis program. Since the school’s earliest days, Priory has required its seniors to produce a senior thesis – a product of scholarly, scientific or artistic work of high academic quality. A senior thesis is a two-trimester project. Seniors working on their thesis exhibit a high level of initiative, independence, research, organization and effort.
In some cases, the senior thesis takes the form of a well-sourced paper; students who have demonstrated an extraordinary degree of curiosity and productivity in their junior year Fine Arts, English and Computer Science courses may elect to produce a “creative thesis” – perhaps an art or science project, or some other creative effort. No matter what a senior chooses for his senior thesis, the experience helps him gain expertise in a particular topical area while at the same time developing tremendous study and time management habits that help lead to success at the collegiate level.

Priory recognized the following senior theses as award-winning in 2018 and 2019:

  • “Piano Recital of Music from the Romantic Era”
  • “An Analysis of Japan’s Surrender in World War II”
  • “Anodic Effects on Angular Distribution of Sputtered Copper Atoms in DC Magnetron Sputtering”
  • Custom-scanned, 3D Printed, Mechanically Actuated Prosthetic
  • “An Examination of the Propagandic Nature of Book V of Julius Caesar’s De Bello Gallico”
  • “The Limitations of the Free Will Theodicy When Applied to the Problem of Eternal Damnation”
  • “Bas Relief Sculpture of the Abbey Church”
  • “The Synoptic Problem: A New Perspective on an Old Debate”
  • “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – A Translation of Chapter One into Latin”
  • “The Shortcomings of Automation Within the Medical Field”
  • “Three Saint Louis Abbey Stained Glass Pieces”


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Senior Thesis Project of Robbie Frei ‘18

Robbie Frei built a prosthetic arm for his father injured during Iraq tour.