Welcome New Families!

Here you will find the information you need to prepare for your son's first year at Priory.

In July you will receive login credentials for the MyPriory parent portal, but until then, you will find many answers to your questions right here. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Key Contacts

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Robin Chestnas

High School Receptionist

Beth Collier

Director of College Counseling

Cuthbert Elliott,

Class of 2002
Headmaster, Theology Teacher, Classical Languages Teacher, Chaplaincy Team Lead

Tom Fiala

Director of High School Athletics, Coach

Stasia Frentzel

Registrar, College Counseling Assistant

Carrie Lane

Assistant to Junior School Director, Community Service Moderator, Chaplaincy Team

Meg Logan

Campus Store Manager

Bobby McCormack

Assistant Director of Admissions, Coach

Jon-Pierre Mitchom

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Chaplaincy Team

Judy Mohan

Director of the Junior School, English Teacher, Chaplaincy Team

Schedule of Fees and Expenses

Here is an example of our annual tuition and fees payment structure:

August – 1/3 
November – 1/3
February – 1/3

Other Fees 
August – 1/3 lunch fee
November – 1/3 lunch fee   
February – 1/3 lunch fee

Each year in February/March you will be asked to sign an enrollment agreement and pay a $750 deposit to confirm your son’s enrollment for the following school year. This deposit will be applied against the August billing.

Dress Code

A good appearance and deportment are important aspects of the Priory student’s character development. The dress code is designed to help each student attain a respectable standard of personal appearance. A student who is neatly attired and dresses tastefully projects a positive image to peers, faculty members, and visitors to the school. We would like such an image to be part of the school atmosphere.

The dress code for a typical day includes dress/collared shirts, dress slacks, and dress shoes. Students are required to wear coat and tie on Mass days (generally every Friday), but following Mass may remove their sport coats. There are occasional dress-down days for various charities.

School hours and drop-off/pick-up

  • The Junior School opens at 7:00 a.m. Students may be dropped off at the south entrance of the Junior School, which is accessed through Entry 2 off Mason Road and the circle drive. Junior School students may also be dropped off in the High School circle, which is accessed through Entry 1 off Mason Road. At the end of the academic day, students may be picked up from the south entrance of the Junior School until 4:45 p.m. or from the High School circle. At 4:45 p.m., the Junior School closes, and all remaining students must report to the High School lobby and be picked up from the High School circle. A faculty member supervises the lobby each afternoon until 5:30 p.m., at which time all students should be picked up.
  • Out of concern for the safety of Junior School students, we ask that you follow the established procedure for drop-off and pick-up. Boys must stay on the sidewalk and not cross the grass and the circle drive. Drivers in the circle drive must stay in the right hand lane until their passengers have been dropped off or picked up. Students are not to be picked up from the west entrance; any drivers lining up in that area will be asked to move. Traffic around the Junior School becomes congested at the time of dismissal. Please consider picking up your passengers from the High School.
  • High School students may arrive any time after 6:30 a.m. Drop-off is at the High School circle, accessed through Entry 1 off Mason Road. Students should be picked up at the High School or the Gym complex immediately following athletics practice, at 5:30 p.m.

Junior School Daily Schedule

High School Daily Schedule

Form I Curriculum

  • English – Grammar, Writing, and Reading
  • Theology – Scripture I: The Old Testament
  • Math – Beginning Algebra or Algebra I
  • Science – Integrated Science I
  • Social Studies – Geography
  • Classics – Latin I
  • Fine Arts – Vocal Music, Studio Art, and
  • Theater/Communications
  • Computer Science – Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Seminar and Writing Workshop

What About Confirmation?

Although many of our students participate in Confirmation preparation classes while they attend Priory, unfortunately for a variety of reasons we are unable to include these as a part of the curriculum. The principal reason is that a number of our students are not Catholic; in addition, many parishes prefer their parishioners to be confirmed through the parish’s class and initiation process. If you are interested in joining St. Anselm’s Parish Confirmation class, which always includes a number of Priory families, please contact the parish office.

Camp Ondessonk

Students in Form I are able to participate in a sequential, off-campus, outdoor retreat program at Camp Ondessonk. In the seventh grade, some elements of the individual and team challenges include ropes courses, hiking, and an introduction to orienteering. The boys are accompanied by faculty, upperclassmen, and camp counselors and are divided into groups of about 11 for the outdoor activities. The entire class comes together for meals and prayers. It is a great experience for all!

Summer Reading

Both as an educational tool and as an enjoyable pastime, Priory encourages all its students to be voracious readers. With this in mind, each summer every class is required to read at least two assigned ‘summer reading’ books. These are meant to be enjoyed for themselves, although there is a discussion group covering the books within the first week of school.


Each year, in February/March, you will be asked to sign an enrollment agreement and pay a $750 deposit to confirm you son's enrollment for the following school year. This deposit will be applied against the August billing.

Opportunities to get Involved

Summer Programs


Priory Sports Camps
We are proud to offer this summertime extension of the Priory athletic program, where young athletes learn the keys to success in sports and in their personal lives. Our sports camps are held on Priory's beautiful 150-acre campus in West St. Louis County. Coaches emphasize the pleasure of playing each sport while developing athletic skills and good sportsmanship. We invite both boys and girls in grades one through 12 to explore their athletic potential and brush up on veteran skills or dive into a whole new sport.

Bobby McCormack’s Basketball Camp

Great players get great through hours of hard work, a lot of practice and pure natural, athletic ability. We help develop young players to be the best players they can be. Our spring, summer and fall camps are for boys and girls ages 6 - 14 at all ability levels. Refine fundamentals and learn to play the game at an advanced level.