Exceptional Community

Priory’s Benedictine tradition makes community life central to a student’s experience on campus, with our students meeting together three times per week as an entire school.

Priory’s structure allows every student to be a part of several smaller communities. It is in these smaller groups that friendships form and connections to the school are strengthened.

Our students also develop relationships across grade levels through our daily Advisory system and weekly Tutoria program, which brings High School students into the Junior School to pray and spend time with the younger boys.

Our goal is for new students to connect with upperclassmen as mentors and feel welcomed into the life of the Priory community.

At Priory, our students enroll into more than rigorous coursework. They join a brotherhood of young men, alongside whom they will learn and mature over their six-year education. They join a community of students, highly qualified faculty and Benedictine monks who live and work directly on campus.

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