The Priory Internship Program has now offered summer internships to rising Priory juniors and seniors for the last two summers. Thank you to the following businesses that have graciously hosted these fine young men for a learning experience like no other: American Bank, FW Logistics, The Hein Law Firm, Kienstra Enterprises, Premium Retail Services, Sunset 44, and Urology Consultants, Ltd.

Junior Max Herr spent the summer working with Colin Bruns '11 at Kienstra Enterprises. Please read on to hear about how much Max valued his summer experience with Kienstra!

Colin Bruns '11, Max Herr '22 and Ted Kienstra '60

Hi I’m Max Herr. I’m just a Priory kid. Last summer, 2019, I worked for Schnucks, bagging groceries. I learned how to work hard, be dependable and relate to our customers, but I also learned I didn’t want to do it again this summer. In April of 2020, I applied for the Priory summer internship program. I never knew how much it would affect my summer and my life.  

I was hired by Kienstra Concrete working for Colin Bruns '11. In my Tech and Business class last year I had to make video commercials and education materials for the products we designed in the class. I liked making the videos, so I expressed my interest to Colin the first time we spoke over the phone. Colin was super enthusiastic about my interest because Kienstra had never used video to advertise and educate, but they were just starting to get an online presence. 

Although I knew nothing about concrete, I soon learned it was much more than just a mixture of sand, rocks, cement and water. The people of Kienstra is what really made the concrete so special. I met so many people who worked for Kienstra - from the president, Dan Bruns (Colin’s dad) to the dispatchers to the people who drove the trucks. The Kienstra team taught me the value of integrity, standing behind your work, how a business team works together and that it can be fun. I was fortunate to go to countless Kienstra plants, job sites and past projects where I captured the footage for my videos. I also went to business meetings where I presented my videos to the leaders of the company. Best of all, I got to have many conversations with Colin about his advice on life, business, family and financials. I had so many awesome conversations. I am no longer just a Priory kid. I was adopted into the Kienstra family.   

It was a perfect balance of work and a fun summer. I worked 3 days a week from 8-2. Colin was very flexible with the schedule and I was even able to get off for a week-long camp. It was great! I was even asked to come back to film a Kienstra Christmas video. It was one of the best work experiences of my life and I couldn’t have asked for more. It was so special because I felt like they helped me to understand business and life lessons, while I got to help their business with the videos I made for them. It was a win-win!  Thank you, Priory for offering this amazing opportunity! 

A few thoughts from Anne Herr, Max’s mom:

Last spring, my son, Max (Form V), applied for one of the Priory Summer Internships for rising Form V students. He was hired by Priory Alumnus Colin Bruns, the director of Sales and Marketing at Kienstra Enterprises. Colin supported Max’s interest in videography and had Max create marketing and instructional videos. He also taught him business best practices and some profound life lessons. It was a life-changing experience for Max.

We are always looking for new companies to be a part of this dynamic program please contact Ann Bender ( in the Alumni Relations Office or Beth Collier ( in the College Counseling Office for more information.