Some people have been asking us, why a raven?

As you may or may not know, the raven plays an important role in our faith. The Bible recounts how Noah released a raven from the ark, and the prophet Elijah was fed meat and bread in the wilderness by a raven. And St. Gregory the Great, in his story of the life and miracles of Saint Benedict, recounts how Benedict had a pet raven, who used to come every evening to be fed bread from Benedict’s own hand. Once, when Benedict was given poisoned bread by a disgruntled and envious priest, Benedict told the raven to take the poisoned bread and drop it in a place where no one could find it. The raven obeyed and returned for his nightly treat.

The raven’s bravery and obedience ultimately saved others from the wrath of a wicked man. This kind of selfless dedication is seen in our students here at Priory as they excel in all ways, while never forgetting what truly matters – a life devoted to God. 

Ravens are known for their incredible intelligence and ability to strategize while on the hunt, making them fearsome predators. They also tend to work together to overcome challenges, much like our students who find they can reach new heights with the help of their classmates. 

Whether it’s in the classroom, on the field or out in the world, our students and alumni soar boldly. 

We are the RAVENS!