150 Acres, Just for You

At 150 acres, Priory’s campus is almost as large as the 169-acre Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Even though we’re educating boys in grades 7-12, Priory’s grounds have a bit of a college feel. Stroll around the campus, and you’ll see separate buildings for Priory’s Junior School, High School, gymnasiums, and dining hall. Across from the academic buildings, you’ll see the monastery where the Benedictine monks reside and the iconic Saint Louis Abbey Church, where all of our students gather twice every week.

Priory also shines in the wide open spaces between the buildings – with the idyllic walking paths, the pond, the birds and other wildlife, the quad, the stadium, the cross country course and all the other outdoor athletic facilities. Check out our campus map to see what Priory has to offer.

At Priory, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch your wings, to breathe, and to take in the beauty of all of God’s creation. Come and see for yourself!