Life at Priory

Priory's Benedictine values make community life central to a student's experience on campus. The entire Priory community gathers three times each week – for a Student Council assembly, a prayer assembly, and Mass. These gatherings ensure that the entire Priory campus feels that larger sense of community.
In addition to the weekly Mass and prayer assemblies, Priory provides for each student's spiritual needs through retreats and other special programming. Our school counselor, with an office in the High School, develops student programming that provides emotional and practical support as our students learn and grow.
Priory's structure also encourages every student to be a part of several smaller communities, where lifelong friendships form and connections to the school are strengthened. Our students develop relationships across grade levels through our Advisory system and our weekly Tutoria program, which brings High School students into the Junior School to mentor, pray and play with the younger students. Priory also makes time for students to participate in extracurricular clubs and organizations, which encourage our students to work together as they pursue passions and interests that extend beyond the classroom.
Athletics is an integral part of the Priory experience. Each student participates in team sports throughout his six years at Priory, often stepping outside of his comfort zone to try new things and find new talents. The athletic program provides an environment in which both the individual and the team can fully develop their talents, and fosters a healthy competitive spirit that is guided by the principles of respect and integrity.
Community service is another building block of the Priory student experience, with juniors and seniors completing at least 40 hours each year as a requirement for graduation. Many students go beyond the required hours, with a significant percentage earning Presidential Service Award recognition each year. Priory also supports events like "dress down days" – when the dress code is waived – that take on a service orientation to raise money for community organizations.
The Priory experienced is truly unique. Come visit and learn more about what makes Priory feel so much like home.

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Everyone here cares for each other, and everyone here wants to make each other better, and that’s what makes this place awesome. Drew Stein ‘19