The Lunch Experience

Growing boys have healthy appetites, and Priory’s lunch delivers.

The Dining Hall team at Priory creates a rotating lunch menu that contains a wide assortment of items – with both taste and nutrition in mind.

When school is in session on campus, lunch will be served in the multipurpose gym from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Your son will eat in one of three 20-minute shifts. When it is your son’s turn to eat, he will line up (maintaining social distance) outside the main entrance to the gym (or in the Corley Gym during inclement weather) and sanitize his hands. Our catering staff will distribute pre-packaged hot meals in the gym lobby along with milk, fruit, condiments, and cutlery. Students will receive their meal and then enter the multipurpose gym where they will sit at socially distanced tables for two (one student at each end).

Once seated, students may remove their masks to eat. Afterwards, they will put on their masks, exit the multipurpose gym from the west end, throw their containers away, wash their hands, and then exit the facility by the locker rooms. They will immediately report to their next activity.