Endowment Giving

Endowment Funds

Establishing an endowment fund at Saint Louis Abbey or Saint Louis Priory School provides the institution with a long-term financial resource. Endowment are ongoing funds, which may be established for a specific purpose designated by the donor. An endowed fund is the “gift that keep on giving” because it generates annual income for the Abbey and the School. Endowment funds are invested and each year a portion of the income is used for the specific program designated by the donor, while the rest of the return is re-invested to preserve and grow the original gift.

If you would like more information on establishing an endowment, please contact Janice Bailey, Director of Institutional Advancement at 314.434.0783 or jbailey@priory.org.

Mr. Brotherton and a student in the classroom

Endowment funds make a difference in the lives of the monks and the students each year because of the annual income they provide. Donors can direct their endowment to a specific area or allow Saint Louis Abbey and Saint Louis Priory School to put it toward the area of greatest need. Examples of areas that endowment funds may support include:

  • Monastic Healthcare Support
  • Monastic Studies
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Department Specific Support
  • Endowed Chairs
  • Area of Greatest Need

How it works

Endowments are invested in a long-term investment pool. The Finance Committee, composed of members of the Board of Advisors, monks and school alumni, along with professional investment consultants, oversees the investment of funds and monitors its performance. Funds are invested for both income and growth.  

Spendable income to support a specific area is distributed annually in accordance with the policies established by the Finance Committee and the Board of Advisors. Currently, that amount is five percent of a three-year average market value of the fund as of July 31. Earnings in excess of the spending policy are reinvested in the individual endowment fund to increase the fund’s impact for the future.


How to Establish an Endowed Fund

An endowment can be established with an initial gift of $25,000 or more.

Donors can name the fund after their family, a loved one, a monk or themselves. These special gifts will be recognized in a future location inside the school.

Donor who established an endowed fund ensure that they are part of the future of Saint Louis Abbey and Saint Louis Priory School and create a legacy of helping others that lasts far beyond their lifetime.


Named Endowment Funds

Below is a list of current endowed funds that benefit Saint Louis Abbey and Saint Louis Priory School.  If you are interested in making a gift a specific fund, please call the Advancement office at 314.434.0783.

The Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund
Alumni Mothers' Club Endowed Scholarship Fund
The J. Brian Barry Endowed Science Fund
Beckmann Family Abbey Church Endowment
Beckmann Family Monastery Endowment
Beckmann Family School Endowment
The Brunner Trust Endowment
The Christopher Burns Endowed Library Fund
Mark C. Bussman Science Research Fund
George Capps Endowed Scholarship Fund
Emerson Scholarship Fund
The Fair Family Chair of Classics
The Ferillo Family Scholarship Fund
The Abbot Thomas Frerking O.S.B. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Galvin Monastic Healthcare Endowed Fund
The Amelia M. Garvin Scholarship Fund
The Steven V. Geiss Endowed Scholarship Fund
The John and Mary Geisse Scholarship Fund
Albert P. Greensfelder Memorial Fund
J. Joseph Horan Monastic Endowment Fund
The Father Timothy Horner O.S.B. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joel W. Hueslmann '94 Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund
The Adam H. and Mary Catherine Jones Memorial Fund
Father Paul Kidner Chair of Mathematics
The Kowal Scholarship Fund
The Lenke Family Scholarship in honor of Father Michael Brunner
The Means-Neukam Scholarship Fund
The Dr. and Mrs. Sam J. Merenda Endowment Fund
Emil F. and Lyz Miskovsky Scholarship Fund
The Dayton Henry Mudd Scholarship Fund
The Dorothy Morse Mudd Scholarship Fund
Frederick and Anna L. May Nussbaum Memorial Fund for Music
Brandon A. Paton ’94 Memorial Fund
Peer Faculty Awards
Granny Annie Scholarship
The Pollnow Family Endowment Fund
Michael D. Potter Scholarship Fund
Austin Rennick O.S.B. Chair of English
Abbot Luke Rigby Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paul and Eleanor Ring Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth D. and Wylie Todd Scholarship Fund
The Wright Endowed Scholarship Fund

forward thinking

Those who establish an endowment fund are forward thinking individuals who realize that a financial donation made today will continue to address the needs of the Abbey and School hundreds of years from now. Endowments are the most reliable assets available to an institution; no other form of giving addresses long-term needs as effectively.