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News & Notes from the Junior School - 5.8.15

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Mrs. Hartnett writes, 

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Well, here we are, at the end of the school year and the final newsletter. In this newsletter, it is the boys who will speak to you in the opening section, sharing their voices with all of our readership.

Earlier this week, I asked the boys to respond to this directive: share something important that you learned about yourself this year, either spiritually, emotionally, or socially, something that has made you a better person, something that has touched your heart. Printed below are some of their answers: 

  • I have learned to be respectful.
  • I have grown spiritually with the help of the monks and my teachers.
  • I have become a more faithful person because of the friends I have met here.
  • I have learned to be more confident with my skills and more trustworthy with people.
  • My study habits and desire to work have improved.
  • I have learned that I can become closer to God through the sacraments, especially Confirmation.
  • I learned that I am good at Latin; I have also learned to be more loving.
  • I have overcome my shyness with people.
  • I learned that if you let God into your heart, peace, love, and success will follow.
  • I learned how homework is a test of character.
  • I have created better study habits.
  • I am more timely.
  • I learned a greater sense of responsibility and teamwork.
  • I have become a better friend and I have learned to balance schoolwork with family.
  • I have learned to be a leader, to be prepared and organized.
  • I have learned to trust my teachers.
  • I know now that I can't get good grades without hard work.
  • I have learned to just be myself to make friends.
  • I have learned that I can't win them all.
  • I can ask any teacher for help, and they will help me. Teachers want us to succeed.


Please remember that the Junior School will close at noon on each of the three exam days. Students who have not been picked up from the Junior School by that time will be asked to wait in the high school lobby for rides. Lunch will be served on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not on Thursday. The sign up sheet for lunch for Junior School students will be available on the door to Mrs. Lane’s office during the week immediately before exams. Too, the dress code for exams is the same as a regular day of school.

Form II boys may come in casual dress (shorts, etc) on May 21, as their class party will follow shortly after the completion of their exam on that day.

MAY 15 

Please be reminded that on May 15, the last day of classes for this school year, Junior School students are to take home any and all of their books, clothes, locker shelving, locks, or supplies from their lockers, lost and found, and the gym locker room and grunge box. A sturdy bag or box will be helpful. The maintenance staff will be "moving in" over that weekend immediately following and they will remove any items left behind. 

Parents (and boys, of course) are certainly welcome to come to my office to claim items that they know to be their sons' belongings. Unidentified Priory items will be given to needy Priory families. 


Form II parents will soon receive an email invitation to the annual Form II Mass and Reception on May 23. We are looking forward to sharing this last official Junior School event with all of you!


(l-r: Adam Saleh, Jake Dimitroff, Joe Hunt, Matt Sinclair, Aryaman Dahiya, Cooper Tull, Ryan Farley)

(l-r: Jake Buganski, William Murphy, Jack Taul, Hunter Linke, Joey Weaver, Anthony Human, Connor Goodman, Rob Bordeaux)

(l-r: Kyle Brennan, Christian Wagner)

(l-r: Brennan Spellman, Jake Dimitroff, Christian Drummond, Tyler Lane, Charlie Ferrick, Michael Spencer, Will Rourke, Alex Logusch, Jack Wagner, Quinn Callahan, Nick Murphy, Jack McEnery)

(l-r: Peter Stange, Nick Murphy)

(l-r: Nick Blessing, Thommy Messmer, Ben Maynard, Isaac Higo, Luke Braby)

(l-r: Alex Wasinger, Parker Slentz, Luke Parent, Zach Mattie, Sean Haldaman, visitor Will Stoneman)

(L-R: Andrew Mahassek, Thomas Clear, Patrick LaVallee, Spencer Dohr, Rob Bordeaux, Bret Wang)



Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

William Shakespeare, from Romeo And Juliet, Act 2, scene 2, lines 182–185


Ending as I began...

We have come together to the end of another school year, a Priory first for some, a continuation for others. Where did it go? It was only yesterday that our Form I students were navigating the halls for the first time, anxious to get it right, and eager to be a part of their new school. And now, here we are, ready to send nearly 75 Form II students down to the high school to begin the next stage of the adventure, while inviting 67 Form I students down to the west end of the hall to set up shop. One new Form II student, Isaac Hall, will join us in the fall, for a grand total of 68 students in the class of 2020. We welcome him warmly to his new school. And, of course, we eagerly await the arrival of 81 members of the class of 2021, who will surely be a welcome addition to the Priory family.

I would like to thank, once more, all of our Junior School families for their many, many kindnesses to all of us throughout the year. I will miss you, and I will miss the personal interactions that having you nearby created. How fortunate all of us are to be a tiny speck in the cosmic soup that puts us near each other. We are grateful, and we are blessed.


Thank you all, dear friends.

Diana B. Hartnett
Director of the Junior School
Saint Louis Priory School


“Listen carefully, my son, to the master’s instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.”

Prologue, 1

“This is advice from a father who loves you; welcome it, and faithfully put it into practice.”

Prologue, 1

“First of all, every time you begin a good work, you must pray to him most earnestly to bring it to perfection.”

Prologue, 4

“If you desire true and eternal life, keep your tongue free from vicious talk and your lips from all deceit; turn away from evil and do good; let peace be your quest and aim. (Ps 33[34]:13)”

Prologue, 17

“Clothed then with faith and the performance of good works, let us set out on this way, with the Gospel for our guide, that we may deserve to see him who has called us to his kingdom (1 Thess 2:12).”

Prologue, 21

“If we wish to dwell in the tent of this kingdom, we will never arrive unless we run there by doing good deeds.”

Prologue, 22

“What is not possible to us by nature, let us ask the Lord to supply by the help of his grace.”

Prologue, 41

“Therefore, we intend to establish a school for the Lord’s service.”

Prologue, 45

“The good of all concerned, however, may prompt us to a little strictness in order to amend faults and to safeguard love.”

Prologue, 47

“The reason why we have said all should be called for counsel is that the Lord often reveals what is better to the younger.”

Chapter 3, 3

“Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way; the love of Christ must come before all else.”

Chapter 4, 20-21

“Never give a hollow greeting of peace or turn away when someone needs your love.” –Chapter 4, 25-26

“Bind yourself to no oath lest it prove false, but speak the truth with heart and tongue.”

Chapter 4, 27-28

“Place your hope in God alone.”

Chapter 4, 41

“Respect the elders and love the young.”

Chapter 4, 70-71

“Pray for your enemies out of love for Christ. “

Chapter 4, 72

“If you have a dispute with someone, make peace with him before the sun goes down.”

Chapter 4, 73

“The first step of humility is unhesitating obedience, which comes naturally to those who cherish Christ above all.”

Chapter 5, 1-2

“Speaking and teaching are the master’s task; the disciple is to be silent and listen.”

Chapter 6, 6

“The first step of humility, then, is that a man keeps the fear of God always before his eyes (PS 35[36]:2) and never forgets it.”

Chapter 7, 10

“Let us consider, then, how we ought to behave in the presence of God and his angels, and let us stand to sing the psalms in such a way that our minds are in harmony with our voices.”

Chapter 19, 6-7

“On arising for the Work of God, they will quietly encourage each other, for the sleepy like to make excuses.”

Chapter 22, 8

“Every age and level of understanding should receive appropriate treatment.”

Chapter 30, 1

“Above all, let him be humble. If goods are not available to meet a request, he will offer a kind word in reply, for it is written: A kind word is better than the best gift (Sir 18:17).”

Chapter 31, 13-14

“Let all the rest serve one another in love.”

Chapter 35, 6

“Indeed, nothing is to be preferred to the Work of God.”

Chapter 43, 3

“Idleness is the enemy of the soul. Therefore, the brothers should have specified periods for manual labor as well as for prayerful reading.”

Chapter 48, 1

“The life of a monk ought to be a continuous Lent.”

Chapter 49, 1

“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matt 25:35).”

Chapter 53, 1

“Proper honor must be shown to all, especially to those who share our faith (Gal 6:10) and to pilgrims.”

Chapter 53, 2

“(B)ecause wherever we may be, we are in the service of the same Lord and doing battle for the same King.”

Chapter 61, 10

They should each try to be the first to show respect to the other (Rom 12:10).”

Chapter 63, 17

“We wish this rule to be read often in the community, so that none of the brothers can offer the excuse of ignorance.”

Chapter 66, 8

“Trusting in God’s help, he must in love obey.”

Chapter 68, 5

Never to do another what you do not want done to yourself (Tob 4:16).”

Chapter 70, 7

“No one is to pursue what he judges better for himself, but instead, what he judges better for someone else.”

Chapter 72, 7

“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all together to everlasting life.”

Chapter 72, 11-12

“What page, what passage of the inspired books of the Old and New Testaments is not the truest of guides for human life?”

Chapter 73, 3

“What book of the holy catholic Fathers does not resoundingly summon us along the true way to reach the Creator?”

Chapter 73, 4


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