Fathers' Club

Welcome to the Saint Louis Priory School's Fathers’ Club!

As the father of a Priory student, you are automatically a member of the Saint Louis Priory School Fathers’ Club. The Fathers’ Club exists to foster and promote a closer liaison among the students, parents, faculty and monastery.

I encourage you to get involved.  There are Fathers’ Club events, joint events with the Mothers’ Club and Alumni events to which fathers are invited.  All of these events offer you an easy way to get connected to the school, other parents, alums and other Priory fathers.

Again, welcome!  I look forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Murphy Reese ‘85
Saint Louis Priory School Fathers' Club President

Board & Committee Chairs

Matthew Wagner '90

Vice President/

Murphy Reese '85

Robert Limp

Matthew Villa

Junior School Rep
David Bealke '92

Past President 
Michael Todt

Form Reps

Form I
Kevin Herr
Form II
Jason Frei
Form III
Robert Limp
Form IV 
David Wasinger
Form V
Leonard Kemna
Form VI
Joseph O'Sullivan '78

Event Chairs

Washers Tournament
Peter Gunther '90, Andrew Yannakakis '90
Welcome Dinner
Matthew Wagner '90
Fall Happy Hour
Tom Mooney
JS Rec Night
Peter Gunther '90, Andrew Yannakakis '90
Interview Workshop
Shaker Sadasivam
Morning of Recollection
Rudy Beck
Parent Christmas Party
Matthew Wagner '90
Father/Son Brunch
Jim Fox
Father/Son Service Day
Joseph O'Sullivan '78
Senior Father/Son BBQ
Jim Ferrick '87