Mothers' Club

Welcome to the Saint Louis Priory School's Mothers' Club!

2019-2020 Mothers' Club President Beth Blessing and son Nick '20

Every mother who has a son enrolled in Saint Louis Priory School is a member of the Mothers’ Club. We are an organization of dedicated women that serves as the liaison between home and school, promotes sociability and school spirit, and helps in fundraising efforts for scholarships and operating expenses. We create a community of support for all mothers as they journey along with their sons through the Junior School and the High School at Priory.

I invite you to get involved and be an active member in the Saint Louis Priory Mothers’ Club. There are countless opportunities for you to join this dynamic group of mothers as they serve side by side with other women who have a shared dedication to their sons, the school, the faculty and staff, and the entire Abbey Community. Along the way, you will make lifelong friends as your sons make friends with their schoolmates. Welcome!

Laus Tibi Domine,

Mrs. Beth Blessing
President, Saint Louis Priory School Mothers' Club


2019 - 2020 Mothers' Club Board

Executive Board

Beth Blessing

Vice President 
Colleen Wasinger

Treasurer/President Elect
Kelli Mitchell

Recording Secretary
Sara Clark

Volunteer Coordinator 
Stefanie Granberg

Past President 
Theresa Johnson

Form Mothers

Form I
Mae Roxas/Carol Marcely
Form II
Ginny Kraus/Stacey Bealke
Form III
Terese Spore/Susie Haskell
Form IV
Kim Weas/Carine Azrak
Form V
Debbie Epstein/Asha Lundal
Form VI
Jill Luft/Jeanne Braby

Committee Chairs

Chris Look
Beata Vobis 
Ruthie Ahlering, Tammara Goldschmidt
Blazer Sale 
Lissa Rosebrough
Campus Store 
Carol Marcely
Christmas Boutique 
Julie Wagner, Colleen Wasinger
Bake Sale: Amy Kemna
Plant Sale: Diane Wenzel, Mae Roxas
Jackie Bub
Faculty Brunches 
Tricia Newell
Pam Essen
Junior Ring Reception 
Jeanne Braby, Clare Brady
Junior School Mass & Lunch 
Carine Azrak, Kathleen Dixon
Elaine Wolshock
Senior Lock-In 
Millicent Dohr
Senior Mothers' Retreat 
Carmen Blaylock
Senior Mother/Son Mass & Brunch 
Terri Welz, Julie Gaertner
Senior Tie Xanadu Item 
Terri Welz, Melissa Fox, Donna Garza
Senior Spirit
Lesley Wagner, Jane de Wolff
Sports Liaison 
Christie Gross
Spring Luncheon 
Jennifer O'Keefe