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The Virtual Bookstore at will be open for textbook purchasing on Monday, July 22, 2019. Free Shipping will be available for all orders over $99.00 from July 22 through August 4. After August 4, all orders over $99.00 qualify for $4.95 flat rate shipping from MBS Direct. Students will be expected to have the correct student edition of all books on the first day of class.

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To encourage the habit of reading in our students, we will continue required summer reading. Each student is required to read a minimum of three books this summer—the two required books assigned for his class and one other of his choice. Beyond these requirements, students are urged to read as many books as possible.

Integration of Science, Math and Technology Fosters Collaboration and Engagement

"There's a need for the overlap between math, science and computer science — a big opportunity," Niemann says. "When you apply computer science to math, you see huge advantages in visualization and utilization, and in science it's the same with simulations and modeling. As we look to the future, the expectations and roadmap for that collaboration are becoming more clear."

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