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Student Leadership Retreat

On Sunday, Oct. 13, 22 students and 6 faculty members gathered together in the High School Commons for the first-ever Student Leadership Retreat. The program focused on identifying leadership styles, developing leadership skills, and imagining the ideal Priory campus and culture.

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Message from Dr. Rashford - Nov. 8., 2019

It is hard to believe that the end of the fall trimester is already upon us. Our classrooms and gathering spaces have been filled with students and faculty preparing for this past week’s important exams. While these periods in our academic calendar often place additional demands on most members of our school community, they provide an opportunity for our students to develop the requisite skills and confidence needed to prepare successfully for similar comprehensive assessments they will be expected to undertake in their post-secondary studies. I commend all of our students for their commitment to a serious study of their subjects over the last several days.

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Paleo Trip 4

How would you like to send your son on dinosaur digging adventure? For one week in July, Mr. Bander will take students to Jordan, Montana, with a program known as Adventure 360 Paleo-X Field School. It’s like Jurassic Park, only no one gets eaten. There will be a meeting for interested participants on Friday, Nov. 15 after school in the library.

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