Saint Louis Priory School is excited to once again partner with the Notre Dame Club of St. Louis to host the 2024 Hesburgh Lecture

Saint Louis Priory School is excited to once again partner with the Notre Dame Club of St. Louis to host the 2024 Hesburgh Lecture


"God and the Good Life"

Professor Paul Blaschko
University of Notre Dame
Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy
 Director, Sheedy Family Program in Economy, Enterprise, and Society


Friday, February 16

Kevin Kline Theatre

7:30 p.m.


Admission is free, donations will be accepted. A reception will follow in the lobby.


Since at least the 5th century BC philosophers have worried about how to live good, meaningful lives. And many -- working in the "virtue ethics" tradition, broadly construed -- have put the question in terms of happiness. Aristotle claimed it was the ultimate goal that any of us aims. Plato argued that we could only achieve it through careful self-reflection and constant work on our inner-lives. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas use these thinkers as a foundation while claiming that we needed to look in a more spiritual direction as well. In this lecture, Prof. Paul Blaschko of the University of Notre Dame will introduce this broad tradition, and will ask how this ancient wisdom might factor into the way we think about living lives of meaning, purpose, and happiness. 

About Professor Paul Blaschko

Paul Blaschko is an assistant teaching professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, where he teaches courses he’s designed on big questions and the philosophy of work. He recently co-authored a book published by Penguin Press about how philosophy can help us live better lives, and his new book on work and the good life will be published by Princeton University Press in 2025. Blaschko directs a program in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters devoted to exploring how the humanities can help us find meaning in work, and regularly consults with professors across the country about how to create better, more innovative philosophy courses. Embarrassingly, perhaps, he also does quite a bit of philosophy on TikTok.

The Hesburgh Lecture Series

Inspired by the late Father Hesburgh’s legacy of lifelong learning, the Hesburgh Lecture Series has brought University faculty to Notre Dame clubs and their local communities since 1986.  The Hesburgh Lecture Series brings the Notre Dame campus to its alumni and friends through the Notre Dame clubs across the country by promoting intellectual dialogue with distinguished Notre Dame faculty. Hesburgh Lectures are intended to showcase the depth and breadth of Notre Dame’s academic expertise and teaching. To accomplish this goal, the Alumni Association seeks as Hesburgh Lecturers faculty who are outstanding researchers, excellent teachers and able to communicate specialized knowledge and scholarly perspectives to a diverse adult audience. It selects lecturers and topics that reflect the values of Notre Dame and can foster constructive and fruitful dialogue among members of the Notre Dame family.