As we continue to work to improve our distance learning experience, we wanted to update you on how attendance procedures will be handled starting next Monday (April 6). We realize that even though students are stuck at home, there may still be legitimate reasons for missing online class meetings. Students may be sick, at an appointment, or unavailable to attend for other valid reasons. In the event that a student is going to be absent from a scheduled class meeting for any reason, we ask that a parent send an email informing Mrs. Lane ( in the Junior School or Mrs. Chestnas ( in the High School. This email should be sent by 7:45 a.m. each morning.

If a student is absent from a class and not on the excused list, teachers will be contacting the student and his parents about the missed class. Students who are repeatedly absent without excuse will be referred to the appropriate division director for follow up.

Our time together has never felt more precious! Please make every effort to attend Zoom classes and participate in your distance learning. Please keep us informed so that we can support you!