Dear Parents and Students,

Parent-Teacher Conferences mean that we are at the midpoint of the first term, and summer is officially behind us. This change in season also means a change in the dress code requirements. Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 5, we will no longer be in summer dress and will resume the normal dress code with coat and tie on Fridays:

  • Shirts: Button-down collared dress shirts, polo shirts, and turtlenecks are acceptable. There must be no lettering or excessive logo located on the shirt.
  • Pants: Dress slacks, corduroys, casual slacks, cargo pants and Dockers-type pants are acceptable. Slacks must have belt loops and be secured with a belt. Painters pants, green fatigue pants, military camouflage pants, and blue jeans are not acceptable. Pants must not be frayed or torn in any way.
  • Shoes: Shoes may be dress shoes, oxfords, loafers, topsiders, athletic shoes with muted colors, or hiking boots. Unacceptable footwear includes flip-flops, slippers, open-toed shoes, shoes with wheels or lights, and brightly colored athletic shoes. Socks are required.
  • Outdoor garments: Fleeces, warm-up jackets, and Priory-logoed sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom. Priory hoodies and hoodies without lettering or excessive logos are also permitted. The hood should not cover the head when indoors.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind all students that a properly-fitted mask covering the mouth and nose is currently part of the dress code while indoors. While the compliance in mask-wearing has been pretty good across the entire student body, there are some students who need to be reminded to fix their masks several times each day. Going forward, Form Masters will be treating repeated non-compliance the same way as other dress code violations, and violators will be required to wear semi-formal attire on the following school day.

While we will still continue to supply disposable masks at the main entrance, we would also encourage you to purchase several reusable masks that fit well and can be washed.

Our status as a universal-masking school allows us to drastically reduce the amount of mandated quarantines for students and staff when we do have a positive COVID case on campus. If not for our universal-masking policy, some students would have already been quarantined this year due to the small amount of on-campus cases that we have had. We can only receive the benefit of reducing quarantines if all students are properly masked in the classrooms, the hallways, in the Church, and in the gymnasium. Please do your part to ensure a school year with limited disruptions.


Mr. Nickolai