Dear Students and Families:

The first few days of fall sports have seen lots of positives, and we are happy to have everyone out and participating! Please see the following reminders and requirements for sports:

Masks, Masks, Masks…Where are all the gaiter masks?
  • All students were given blue Priory gaiters in Advisory. It is required for all student-athletes to use this gaiter or some other form of mask at all times during athletics! This also applies for the students taking High School Strength and Conditioning Class this fall.
  • There is only one exception to the mask rule: “During strenuous physical activity,” student-athletes may pull the gaiter down around their neck.
  • Anytime a player or runner is not doing strenuous activity (walking, changing clothes, stretching, standing on the sideline or waiting their turn in a drill), they must wear a mask!  This is non-negotiable.
  • Mask Care: Every night, place 1-2 drops of dish soap onto the gaiter and hand wash it for 20-30 seconds. Leave it out to dry overnight, and it will ready for the next day.
Fall Sports Update

A lot of people have been asking about fall sports. Here is a list of updates often asked about.

  1. Yes, we are still trying to play fall sports and NO we have not moved anything to the spring. Games and meets are posted on our website and should have been communicated home to players and families. We are currently cancelling games in weekly increments based on the current SSM and St. Louis County guidelines. Plans to make up any lost games are still being discussed.
  2. Right now, fans are being discussed with various plans for fan attendance. As a school we anticipate fans NOT being allowed to attend home events at this time. This is the same position I expressed a few weeks back and right now seems to be the safest option if we have games. Please be on the lookout for streaming options if and when we get to that point.
  3. If we find games outside of St. Louis county, can we just play there?? NO! We are following the St. Louis county guidelines and if they continue to recommend no games or contests, then that is what we will do. Following county and local guidelines is the current course of action set forth by MSHSAA.
Scheduling and MyPriory

Rosters and schedules (both practices and games) have been uploaded into MyPrioryIt is especially important for families to be checking MyPriory regularly now that we are back in session. MyPriory allows you to set up custom notification alerts of changes to the practice and game schedules to the device of your choice (text message, email or both). If you are not using MyPriory, please do so! It is fast and easy to set up and will be a reliable way to receive updated information about your son’s sports team. I want to publicly thank the coaches for their work on this. This has been quite an adjustment for them, and I feel the work will be worth it. I will communicate via email instructions for accessing your son’s team information in MyPriory and for ways to set up the notifications of your choice. If you are the type of person who likes to play around and figure things out on your own, you can set up these notifications in your profile section of MyPriory (upper right-hand corner of the webpage).

Mr. Harold Barker, RAA
Director of Athletics