The Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF) grant has provided equipment to integrate audio and video podcasting throughout Priory’s curriculum. Podcasting has been added to Theology, English, Geography, and Theatre/Video Production classes. This project-based learning has engaged students more than the typical essay and test assessments. Enjoy listening to and viewing students’ scholarly and creative podcasting work.

Geography Migration Podcasts

Seventh grade Geography students interviewed immigrants from England and Syria and considered the socioeconomic and cultural effects of immigration and emigration. 

A World on the Move with Andrew Hartweger, Mason Merenda, Hayden Kornmann and John Henry Schwartz

Complicated World with Ryan Witkowski, Carson Walsh, Michael Finkenkeller and Caleb Albers

Priory Pilgrims with Cullen Blumeyer, Jake Eisenbeis, Danny Keen and Danny O’Keefe

Podcast with Julian Santa Cruz, Walter Ortmann, Carter Cusumano and Ranger Kacura


C.S. Lewis

Students in Dr. Plaxco's C.S. Lewis class used podcasting to look at key themes that both unite and distinguish the novels, Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra, specifically: What is evil? How can people fall victim to evil? Students also looked at how characters develop over the course of the first two novels in the series. 

Fall Term

C.S. Lewis Podcast with Drew Acker, Andrew Frei, Luke Hahnel, Yrwin Batan, Christian Gonzalez

C.S. Lewis Podcast with Cole Hartig, Carter Leyva, Jack Jung, Lance Lavery, Luke Weckherlin


Winter Term

C.S. Lewis Podcast with Connor Guthrie, Matthew Mueller, Huck Simmons, Ian Lin

C.S. Lewis Podcast with Nicholas DeHaven, Asher Sharp, Greg Britt, Ethan Lewis, Christian Sunderlage


Theatre & Video Production 9th Grade Christmas Podcast

Students from 9th grade recorded a Christmas radio play from World War II with sound effects. 

Christmas Radio Play with Walker Bealke, Grant Dino, Kyle Erwin, Matthew Kaushik, Dantin Naidu, George Schwartz, Keaton Spore, Aidan Strauss and Simon Whitlock

Tenth grade English IV Poetry Podcasts

Students created videos based upon poems that they wrote for class. 

“Reading without Understanding” by Parker Meek

“Don’t Overthink It” by Samuel (Sam) Palka


Senior Theses

Students created Creative Theses using the podcasting equipment.

“La Temporada de los Milagros: Un Documental” by John Spivey & Quinten Bauman

“Producing an Action Film” by Theron (Asher) Sharp & Elliot Downey


*These student podcasts do not necessarily represent the views of Saint Louis Priory School or Saint Louis Abbey