“Monks should diligently cultivate silence at all times” (The Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 42) 

Exam week has a different rhythm to it than our usual academic schedule. Although there are bursts of energy immediately before and after each exam, the halls and classrooms are generally a lot quieter than normal. The usual classes, clubs, and other activities are put on hold for a week, and we spend more time in silent study and work.

The additional silence that we experience this week is appropriate for the start of Lent. Silence not only allows us to focus on our work, it also can help us find the stillness required to listen with the ears of our heart. In listening in that powerful way, we might better reflect on the sacrifices that God is calling us to make as we prepare our hearts for Easter.

While abstaining from a favorite food is one popular sacrifice, I also encourage our students to seek out opportunities for service during Lent. I was proud to see that a group of our 8th graders volunteered at the Overland Food Pantry earlier this week, and I hope others follow their lead. For you juniors and seniors, remember that your 40 hour service requirement needs to be completed by May 1. Those of you that aspire to earn the Presidential Service Award need to log your 100 hours and let me know by March 1. If you are looking for service opportunities this Lent, we can help.

I hope that the silent moments of this week have provided an opportunity for you to pray, reflect, and prepare for what is ahead in the spring term.

Laus tibi domine!

Mr. Mike Nickolai '03
Assistant Head of School for Human and Spiritual Formation