Message from Mr. Nickolai — Oct. 2, 2020

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining the freshman class on their retreat at Babler State Park. The crisp fall weather and beautiful surroundings made for a perfect setting on a day in which the class focused on strengthening its sense of community.

In my conversations with the freshmen, we talked about how a strong community can provide the love and support that can help someone get through challenging times. As a Benedictine school, Priory is a community that has a strong foundation that will help it weather all storms. Although the challenges of 2020 may feel like more than we can handle, our community will overcome them and through that experience be stronger than before.

Communication is such an important part of sustaining a community, and I hope that parents and students can continue to partner with the school as we try to keep these lines of communication strong. Below you will find a few important policy reminders in the spirit of bettering that communication.

COVID-19 Screening and Attendance

One area that continues to be challenging is maintaining accurate attendance records and ensuring compliance in our screening processes. Parents, please continue to help us keep our campus safe. Be sure to fill out the MyPriory screening form each morning. In order to have our doors open, we are required to do these daily screenings. Many of you seem to have already made this a part of your routine. Thank you for that!

I recommend downloading the Priory App (available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) to help stay connected to the school, and one thing that the app can do is send push notifications to help you remember to do the daily screenings. 

In regard to attendance, please be sure to let us know if your son is going to be absent or distance learning. Students do not have the power to inform us of their attendance status; we need to hear from a parent. Mrs. Chestnas (High School) and Mrs. Lane (Junior School) work tirelessly to update and communicate the daily attendance to our faculty, so please be sure to let them know if your son is going to be absent or distance learning. I would also recommend that students reach out to their teachers if they are unexpectedly distance learning one day.

We do ask that families who have elected in-person learning only use distance-learning when a health issue or travel plans necessitate a temporary shift to distance learning.

End of Summer Dress Code

On Tuesday, Oct. 6 we will say goodbye to shorts and return to the regular daily dress code. The guidelines for daily dress code can be found here.


I hope everyone can take some time to enjoy this beautiful autumn weekend. Winter is coming, but together we will be ready for the challenges ahead.


Mr. Mike Nickolai '03
Assistant Head of School for Human and Spiritual Formation