Message from Mrs. Mohan — Oct. 29, 2021

School feels a little bit more normal this week.


The pizza oven is back!

For some of us the return of the oven may seem a little silly, but for the 7th grader who sees his tasty lunch treat emerging from the oven … for the first time in his Priory experience? It's amazing. Forget the fact that he didn’t have time to eat it before heading back to class. He had his first true Priory lunch.  


Among the faculty, we have been focused on the gifts of grace: gifts that we receive without any expectation that we are worthy or deserving. We have needed to be open to those gifts because they have sustained us and have empowered us to be the best mentors and educators to your sons. And, we are deeply grateful that these gifts have been bestowed upon us.

So, now, we draw near the end of this first term. We have had some bumps in the road; that was to be expected. However, the students have been resilient; the faculty have been keen to keep the students’ learning on track, and you, our parents, have been supportive to your sons and the mission of the school. And, of course your sons have been awesome. They are special gifts to us in our mission.

As I close this note to you, I also have several important faculty changes to share with you. Many of you know that Mr. Kevin O’Connell will be absent for medical reasons through the middle of January. However, we will also bid adieu to Mr. Andrew Erker '11, as he has accepted a position at a company that specializes in artificial intelligence.  Andrew has been a vital part of our 7th and 8th grade computer science program and, most recently, expanded his teaching skills when he undertook the Spanish I and Spanish I/II classes. His creativity and ability to connect with his students will be missed.  

We have been blessed to welcome Mr. Matt Barrett '95 (a homecoming of sorts, as he had been a member of our faculty from 2000-2011). Thrilled to return to Priory, Mr. Barrett will assume responsibility for Mr. O’Connell’s classes during his absence and Mr. Erker’s Spanish 1 class for the remainder of the year. We are also pleased to announce that Mr. Greg Rivera and Father Linus will assume the computer science classes of Mr. Erker, and Mrs. Cristina Cazabonne will take responsibility for his Spanish 1 class for our 9th grade transfer students.

Happy Halloween!

Judy Mohan
Assistant Head of School for Intellectual Formation