So, what does one say about the fall term of 2020? It’s been great to be on campus with one another, but it’s been a bit strange at times — to say the least.  

Many of you know that the Form I students and I have begun our study of The Odyssey, always a delight and an enterprise with many surprises, both expected and (unexpected.) Somehow our studies of this Greek epic seemed to mirror our experiences on campus.

As you know, epics consist of many literary devices: epithets, a national hero, and many episodes with their fair share of monsters, to name a few.  And, of course, the name implies that we have undertaken a long journey, one with no definitive end, but one where the ultimate goal is to make it back to the homeland. (And then there’s a battle there, too!)

So I began to wonder how the Greeks would interpret our strange and transformed school lives over the past term. Here are a few observations: 

As we prepare for exams, I am impressed with the resilience and fortitude of our students and their corporate heroic traits:  navigating and mastering the new schedule, accustoming themselves to Mrs. Chestnas, the gate-keeper, to Dr. Plaxco, the mask master, and to Mr. Nickolai, the schedule guru. 

But that’s not all. We’ve overcome that grim beast, the WiFi winds of Aeolus which temperamentally blows our internet access into space, the tempting taunts of the Sirens, urging and cajoling us to forego our masks, and our ultimate home field challenge – how to have an athletic game on campus against the suitors. With Priory spirit.

And we’ve done it. We have studied hard, kept our sense of humor, and had time with our friends. So, as we prepare for exam week, I know that I’ll take some time to reflect upon things for which I am grateful: our community, our ability to be together with another, and for exams! 

We continue to monitor and assess the reports of the St. Louis Department of Public Health, and it is our hope that we will be able to offer on campus learning for the foreseeable future. If, however, the County mandates school closures, we will comply and return to distance learning.  For that reason, it is important that we continue to be vigilant with our safety precautions.

Please take some time over the weekend to catch up with your rest, spend some time with family, and prepare for exams. Here is the schedule.

All my best,

Judy Mohan
Assistant Head of School for Intellectual Formation