Dear Priory Families,

The annual forms process has begun in MyPriory. When you log in to MyPriory, you should notice several forms are available for your son. At this time, you should see 4 forms for each of your sons enrolled at Priory: Emergency Contacts, Medical Action Plans, Student Medical Information and MSHSAA (Athletics participation). Information such as medical information, insurance, etc. that you typed into MyPriory last year should be pre-populated to help expedite the completion of these forms.

MSHSAA forms must be completed for High School students before Monday, Aug. 8, or students will not be allowed to participate in fall season practices, per MSHSAA rules. If you are unable to provide documentation by this time, please contact your coach. We ask that all other forms be completed by Monday, Aug. 22 to allow our staff enough time to review submitted information and prepare for the first day of classes.

Please also note that parents must upload all forms directly into MyPriory. It is not possible for Priory staff to upload these on your behalf.

Emergency Contacts

The information you provided last year should be visible. Please update accordingly.

Medical Action Plans

Medical Action Plans from last year are still on file digitally, however, due to a system limitation, last year’s forms can’t be made visible to you. As action plans can change from year to year, we ask that you please update and resubmit medical action plans for your son to ensure we have the most up to date treatment plan available for your son.

Student Medical Information

The information you provided last year should be visible. Please update accordingly. It is important to document medical conditions such as allergies in this form in addition to completing the corresponding action plan as this helps us create accurate allergy lists for our kitchen staff and administration.


Based on your son’s grade and other factors, you are being asked to fill in the MSHSAA form with a physical or the MSHSAA Pre-participation form (but not both). If the Pre-participation form is what you see for your son, you do not need to supply an updated physical from your physician.

Student and Grade Level-Specific Forms

Finally, several new forms will be made available as soon as annual revisions are completed. These include the Student and Parent Handbook acknowledgement form, Student Driver form and Senior Off Campus privileges form. Affected groups will receive separate communications when those forms are ready to be made available.



F. Gabriel Santa Cruz ‘92
Technology Director/Computer Sciences Teacher