Dear Parents,

The Virtual Bookstore at BNC Services/MBSDirect.net will be open for textbook purchasing on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Free Shipping will be available for all orders over $99.00 from July 29 through August 12. After August 12, all orders over $99.00 qualify for $4.95 flat rate shipping from BNC Services.

Students will be expected to have the correct student edition of all books on the first day of class.

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Finding Your Son's List of Courses

The first step in ordering textbooks is to obtain the list of courses in which your son is enrolled for next year. Please check your son’s course list close to the time in which you order books as changes are still being made to some lists. Course lists will be finalized by July 22. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open MyPriory (either at mypriory.org or using the link at the top of this page)
  2. Enter in your given username and password (the password is case sensitive), and click Login. If you do not remember your username and/or password, or you are new to Priory click on ‘To set or reset your password’ and enter in your email address.
  3. Once you are logged in you will see a welcome screen with your son’s name or a drop down menu of “CHILDREN” (if you have more than one child enrolled) in the upper left hand corner. Click on the name of the child for whom you wish to see the list of classes for next year.
  4. Scroll down the page to Courses section. Click on the dropdown menu entitled Grades to select next year’s grade (it may be already selected).
  5. The courses for which he is enrolled will appear. If your son will be a Junior or Senior, click on T2 Winter and T3 Spring to see courses in those terms. Some courses in the upper grades are single-term courses.
Ordering Books

The next step for returning students is to determine whether you have retained any books from last year. The list of which books you were to keep can be found here.

Then, order your textbooks any time after 8 a.m., on Wednesday, July 29.

Click here to access the online bookstore

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to access the online bookstore.
  2. Click on “Let’s Get Started.”
  3. Click on the down arrow next to “Your Term.”
  4. Select “2020-2021 School Year.”
  5. Under the heading marked “Site,” check the box(es) next to your son(s) form. (Form I is 7th grade, Form II is 8th, etc.) You may order for more than one form at once.
  6. Scroll down to see a listing of all the courses offered in each form you have selected. Click to select all courses in which your son is enrolled for next year. (If your son is enrolled in a course that is not listed, there are no materials required for that course.) Click on “View Your Materials.”
  7. A complete list of course materials for the courses you have selected will appear. Some courses have important messages that are highlighted in gray boxes; please read them. Above the title of each item is a notice stating whether it is Required or Optional for the course and whether you might have purchased it in previous years. On the right of the screen are your options to buy the item new from MBS Direct, buy it used from BNC Services, buy digital access (for ebooks and other digital materials) or buy from “Marketplace Sellers” (third-party vendors similar to Amazon). (Important information about Marketplace Sellers is below.) It is not necessary to click “No Thanks” if you choose not to buy the item. As you make selections, click “Add Selected to Cart.”
  8. After making selections, click “Proceed to Checkout.”
  9. Review all the items in your cart and click “Check out now.”
  10. The Login screen will pop up. If you have ordered from BNC Services before, please enter the email address and password combination you used previously to bring up your account. If you are a new customer, please create an account on the right side of the screen and STORE the email/password for safekeeping as you will use that same login combination to order your books year after year and sell them back at the end of each year.
  11. The Shipping & Billing Addresses screen appears. Complete the information and click “Choose Your Shipping Method.”
  12. Select your preferred shipping method(s) and click “Select Payment Option.”
  13. Complete the payment information and click “Enter Student Details.” Enter the first and last name(s) and Priory email address(es) for each student for whom you are buying. For help with Priory email addresses, please email help@priory.org. Click “Save” below each son’s information. When you are finished, click “Next Step: Courses.”
  14. Under “Review your courses,” click on the dropdown menu next to the first course. Select the appropriate student’s name. Repeat as needed through the list of courses.
  15. IF your order includes electronic materials, click “Next Step: eContent.” Access to electronic content will be given to the student through an email from BNC. Select the student’s email address you entered previously on the dropdown menu for the eContent item.
  16. Click “Review Your Order.” Review BNC Services’ Shipping Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy & Terms of Use and click to accept them. Click “Submit Your Order” and sit back and wait for your books to arrive. New and used books ordered from BNC Service are shipped from its facility in Columbia, Mo., within 24 hours. Electronic content is delivered via email usually within 24 hours. Orders from Marketplace Sellers are shipped in accordance with those vendors’ shipping policies.
Managing the Cost of Books

Priory recognizes that the cost of textbooks is a concern for many families and works to hold down costs while keeping our students up-to-date with high-quality, challenging educational material. Through BNC Service, we offer choices of new and used textbooks and lower-cost digital versions of some books, as well as access to the third-party Marketplace.

The Marketplace option offers cost savings up to 95 percent, but BNC Service shipping promotions and customer service guarantee do not apply to those vendors.

If you choose the New or Used offer from BNC Service (not the Marketplace offer), you will be guaranteed to receive the correct student edition in new or like new condition. In case of questions or problems, you will speak with a live, helpful person at their toll-free customer service center located in mid-Missouri. The 24/7 number is 800-325-3252.

Additionally, we have included a list of the textbooks used, sorted by form and course, with the ISBNs and edition information in case you wish to purchase from a different source.

Student editions of textbooks are the only editions allowed at Saint Louis Priory School. Specifically, teacher’s editions of texts are not allowed. They are a violation of Saint Louis Priory School’s Honor Code. If you order through the Marketplace or other third-party vendor, check carefully once the order arrives that you have received a student edition. Confirm that the ISBN number on the inside of the book matches what you ordered. Some third-party vendors sell teachers’ editions in place of student editions, often taping over the words “Instructor’s Edition” or “Teacher’s Edition” on the front cover and altering, defacing or covering over the ISBN on the back cover to fool the unsuspecting buyer.

Marketplace Sellers have their own shipping timelines listed with the vendors’ information. Make sure you can get the order in time before buying. Most books will be needed on the first day of school — August 27, 2020.

Disputes with Marketplace Sellers must be handled with the vendors directly. BNC Service and Saint Louis Priory School will not be able to help.

A word about hand-me-down textbooks: As expected, some textbooks are changing this year, moving either to entirely new texts or updated editions of previous books. Please wait until the Virtual Bookstore opens on July 29 to check which editions will be used this year before committing to buy or borrow books from older students. The ISBN of the book you are buying/borrowing must match the one on the Virtual Bookstore to ensure you have the correct book.

In addition, some titles must be purchased new to ensure receipt of all required components, such as online access codes, unused workbooks, etc. If the material is offered for sale as New only, without a Used option, please do not buy or borrow a used copy of the book as your son will not have everything he needs for the course.

A Few Tips for Textbook Care

Every year many textbooks with no owners’ names find their way to the Priory lost and found. As soon as you receive this year’s books, please put your son’s name inside the front cover.

If you plan to sell your books back at the end of the school year, do not write on the edges of the books. His name on the inside front cover is sufficient to locate the rightful owner and will not affect your ability to sell back to BNC Service.

BNC Service will not buy back books missing covers or pages, with broken spines or with excessive highlighting or margin notes. Stretchy book covers can help protect your investment.


If you have questions regarding your son’s courses, please contact Mrs. Mohan at jmohan@priory.org.

For book ordering help, you can contact BNC Service directly at 1800-325-3252 can help with book ordering questions.

If you have questions regarding MyPriory, login credentials and student email addresses, please contact the Priory Help Desk at help@priory.org.