Sports Injury Policies and Procedures

Ever wonder who that guy on the golf cart is? That’s Derrick Neuner, the certified athletic trainer at Priory. Mr. Neuner is responsible for keeping your sons safe while they participate in sports. Currently in his eighth year at Priory, Mr. Neuner is an employee of St. Luke’s Hospital and a 2013 graduate of Saint Louis University with a master’s degree in athletic training.

But what is an athletic trainer? Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who provide medical care under the direction of or in collaboration with a physician. As a part of the health care team, services provided by athletic trainers include emergency care, injury and illness prevention, examination and clinical diagnosis, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Athletic trainers are sometimes confused with personal trainers. There is, however, a large difference in the education, skillset, job duties and patients of an athletic trainer and a personal trainer. The athletic training academic curriculum and clinical training follows the medical model. Athletic trainers must graduate from an accredited master’s program and be licensed by the state of Missouri.

If your son is injured during practice or a game, Mr. Neuner will evaluate the injury and determine a plan of care. Most injuries don’t require further care and can be managed at Priory. If your son has reported an injury to Mr. Neuner, and he determines that further care may be required, he’ll contact you via email or phone. If your son comes home and reports an injury, please email Mr. Neuner and the head coach as soon as possible. If you are hearing from your son about an injury first, Mr. Neuner may not be aware of the injury, and, therefore, unable to assist in the medical care of that injury. At Priory, it is expected that all students participate in athletics unless withheld by a physician or Mr. Neuner. Proper medical documentation must be provided to Mr. Neuner should a physician determine that your son is unable to fully participate.  Communication is key – parents, coaches, and the athletic trainer are a team! By working together, your son will be provided a safe and enjoyable athletic experience at Priory.

Mr. Neuner is on campus from 1 p.m. until the end of sports practices each day, and for every home sporting event.