Subscribing to Sports Calendars

Coach Barker writes...

Dear Parents:

Hope all is well! We are excited for spring sports and better weather to return! This year we have worked towards moving to a more impactful use of MyPriory for athletics. For the spring season, please be sure to subscribe to your son’s team calendar.  Both practices and games for all sports will be uploaded into MyPriory, and subscribing to the calendar will give you access to notifications when changes to the schedule are made due to weather or other reasons. Please see the simple instructions below and let me know if you have any questions.

Subscribing to a Calendar 

  1. Choose the device where you want the calendar (cell phone, laptop, or tablet). You can do any or all of them.
  2. Log into MyPriory at
  3. Look for your son’s team under the Groups Tab.  Click on the team name.


  1. After clicking on the team name, select schedule and calendar view.


  1. The calendar view will provide you a link to click on that looks like a Wi-Fi symbol.  Click on it and choose the method you want to use to subscribe to the calendar.

Look to subscribe to the Feed URL or Webcal URL. Here’s how to do this on various devices:

  • iOS:  
    • Go to Settings   > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other.
    • Tap Add Subscribed Calendar.
    • Enter the URL of the .ics file to subscribe to and any other required server information.
    • You can also subscribe to an iCalendar (.ics) calendar by tapping a link to the calendar.
  • Android/PC: 
    • (For Android you need to use a computer to do this)
    • On your computer, open Google Calendar.
    • On the left, next to "Other calendars," click Add     From URL.
    • Enter the calendar's address in the field provided.
    • Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under "Other calendars."
  • macOS: 
    • To subscribe to a calendar from a link on the internet or an email you received, click the link. If you do this, you can skip step 1, and the calendar’s web address is filled out for you in step 2.
    • In the Calendar app   on your Mac, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.
    • Enter the calendar’s web address, then click Subscribe.
    • Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field, then click the adjacent pop-up menu and choose a color.
    • Click the Location pop-up menu, then choose an account for the subscription.
      • If you choose your iCloud account, the calendar is available on all your computers and devices that are set up with iCloud.
      • If you choose On My Mac, the calendar is saved on your computer.
    • To get the calendar’s event attachments or alerts, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.
    • Click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu, then choose how often to update the calendar.
    • To prevent alerts from appearing for this calendar, select “Ignore alerts.”
    • Click OK.

To make changes later, click the name of the calendar, then choose Edit > Get Info.

Choosing Notifications 

  1. After subscribing to the calendar, go to your profile picture, click the down arrow and choose settings.


  1. Choose notifications, scroll down and choose what you want sent to you and how you want it sent (email, text or both).

What you can expect

Once the games and practices are uploaded into MyPriory, our website will auto populate the games. When changes must be made (cancellations, postponements, and reschedules) head coaches or the athletic director will make the change first on MyPriory. If you subscribe to the calendar and have notifications set for changes, you will receive the notification of the change instantly. We will still update schedule changes via group emails and social media, but getting these messages out may take longer. With the weather being more unpredictable in the spring, subscribing to the calendar and setting notifications will be a very efficient way of receiving this information, especially if you have the notifications go to a device you are near more often than not. 

Thank you,

Harold W. Barker, RAA
Director of Athletics