Commitment to Service

To whom much is given, of him much shall be required. (Luke 12:48)

The circular stone carving above the High School lobby with these words of Scripture reminds Priory students of all their blessings. Indeed, they have been given much, and by both human and divine standards this requires of them all the more gratitude and recognition of those from whom they have received their blessings.

To this end, we seek to promote a culture of service at Priory. Students are involved in serving at St. Augustine’s Soup Kitchen, participating in fundraisers and food drives, and community service projects. Each junior and senior is required to fulfill at least 40 hours of community service per year — although many participate in much, much more.

In this way, our students come to be more grateful for what they have received, and as an expression of this gratitude, seek to give back and pass on to others what they themselves have received.

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Service Hours

Juniors and Seniors are required to donate forty hours of their time to community service. The requirement may be fulfilled during the summer, on weekends, or during the school year. Should they wish to use it, students have a designated time slot for community service in their school schedule.